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The purpose of the Primitive Speargun section was to provide examples, which exhibit how spearguns may have originated. In the Vintage Spearguns section we examine the evolution of speargun development for two reasons.

1. We examine the earliest implements of the sport to understand the historical significance of equipment developments as they relate to the challenges faced by the pioneers of the sport, which was the genesis of equipment evolution.

2. We examine early speargun development to better understand the design aspects of contemporary, cutting edge spearguns.

Provenance for the Vintage Speargun section is in the form of patents, advertisement, articles and other forms of documentation. If you or someone you know would like to contribute to this resource please use the "Contact Us" option on the main menu, or use this link.

Abel Gazio's Co2 gun Brazil

Addict Gun 1 by Paul Herrin.

Addict Gun 2

Addict Gun 3

Addict Gun 4

Aqua Bo

Aqua Craft guns

Aqua King

Aqua Twin by Johnny Carol

Arbalete Guns

Atlantida Piranha

A.T. Sharpshooter

Barkuda Brigant Spring Gun

Barracuda Spearguns by Chuck Blakeslee

BASO-K gun

Bazooka Special Australia

Bob Stanberry Guns by Yas Ikeda

Bottomscratchers Gun

Boyde Hall built mid-handle gun

Chuck Blakeslee thumb gun


Cressi Mach 9

Cressi Mignon

Cressi Saeta

Cressi Torpedine

Crosman Rocket Gun

Cuban Pneumatic

Custom 26 All Steel

Custom Wood Gun San Diego

Custom Wood small gun

Cypress Long Gun (BW) from US South

Dacor Stingray 48

Douglas Baby

Douglas Imperial

Early Australian Gun

Espadon Guns

Extinguisher Guns

Farallon Shark Dart

French Co2 Spearguns

Fusil American guns


Guncaster Model M-1 Go-Lure

Healthways Arbaletes

Healthways Competitors

Hurrican Carbine Long

Hurricane Compounding roller gun 01

Hurricane Compounding roller gun 02

Hurricane rubber powered

Hurricane sous marine Carabine

In Depth


JD Preece Sea Hornet

Jack Prodanovich Guns

Ken Pitcher Colletion


King Neptune Co2

La Trell


Mares Bess


Mares Juno

Mares Rapallo Vico Jet

Marin Nice

Mark V Co2

Mar Mac Penetrator

Mechanical Pole Spear


Nemrod Caraabella Short

Nemrod Carabella

Nemrod Carabella Short II

Nemrod Clipper

Nemrod Corbeta

Nemrod Corsario

Nemrod Crucero

Nemrod Fragata

Nemrod Fusil Submarino model Pistolete

Nemrod Galeon Clipper

Nemrod Gaucho

Nemrod Goleta

Nemrod Grumete

Nemrod Hawaiian Dart

Nemrod Mariner

Nemrod Original Crucero

Nemrod Torpedine

Neptune Healthways

Paxman Gun Australia

Pee Wee


Polynesian Thumb Gun

Reef Raider Gun

Reef Rifle roller guns

Sallematic French Pneumatic

Sampson Guns

Scope Arrow Gun



Scubapro 600 Series

Scubapro Big Jim Guns

Scubapro Magnum

Scubapro Panther

Sea Archer Compound Speargun

Seac Sub ASSO 40

Sea Gun

Sea Net Hand Spear first mfg. implement

Sea Net Tarpon

Sea Rocket

Sea Sport spring gun

SMG Johnson Tapmatic

Sportsways Guns

Spring Guns

Swimaster Spearfisherman

Tarpon Co2 Guns

Technisub Jaguar US Diver

Technisub Tigre

The Western Jet Guns


Ultimate Double

Undersea skindiver Bondi

Undersee Carbine

Unidentified Gun Possible San Diego

Universal 5 Shot Cartridge Gun

US Divers Atom

US Divers Sea Hunter.

US Divers Sea Hunter Spear Pistol

Voit 4G Series

Voit Gold

Wally Potts Gun

Z 90 Guns


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