Skin Diving History


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Ron's bit

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Ama Art

Ama At 16

Ama Breathing Up

Ama Children

Ama Discover Speargun

Ama Diver

Ama Diver With Tool

Ama Girl

Ama Girl Ascending

Ama Girl In Descent

Ama Girl With Goggles (3)

Girls Descending Cliff

Ama Girls On Rocks

Ama Goggles Hanging

Ama Men Discussion

Ama Mother & Child (2)

Ama Villiage

Ama Villiages Map

Ama With Euro Mask

Awabi Shells

Diving Girls Island

Japan 1954

Preparing To Dive (4)

The Seven Islands

Two Ama Girls Diving

Two Ama Divers On Bottom
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