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In 1953 she remarried, had two more sons, became a charter member of the Long Beach Neptunes, and became the first female scuba instructor in the world. Later she became one of the first women hardhat divers but only worked at it for 2 years, as the feeling of restriction didn't appeal to her. Amid all this, Dottie raised four sons who all became and still are divers. She related this engaging story. "Soon after my third son was born, I started a club called the "Aqua Familias", (diving couples with children). We met every weekend at a place voted on at our monthly meeting. As I was the only nursing mother, when my baby let everyone on shore know it was time for chow they would raise a flag on a long pole. I'd be watching for it, since I could tell that it was just about that time, and head for shore. Upon completing my motherly duties I would round up my other kids (who were out diving) give them their lunch and head back out in the water again. Even the husbands took turns with us watching the children and diving. Our catches made for some wonderful seafood potluck dinners after every dive.

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